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Dokubutsu Clan:: The Toxic Body

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Dokubutsu Clan:: The Toxic Body

Post by Giotto on Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:27 pm

Bloodline Name: Yuudoku Karada [Meaning Toxic Body]
Surname: Dokubutsu Clan

Clan Classification: Bloodline Limit/Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Mutation/Innate

Element: Water


The Dokubutsu Clan doesn’t really have a set clan dress, but most of them do carry around veils of there poisonous and Acidic blood to use for various jutsu and techniques. Thus, the Dokubutsu clan has a belt full of Veils of there own blood to use during battle. They are also marked with there clan symbol upon first signs of the clans abilities within the child.

~Unique Insignia:

The clan insignia is placed upon the member’s body at first signs of the clan’s abilities within the clan. The mark can be placed anywhere on the child’s body. Most try to hide the clan mark on the member’s chest, inner thigh, or back area. Yet, some go out in the open with there child’s abilities, and place the mark on there child’s wrist.


~Mannerism: Dokubutsu clan members usually are well known poison users. They usually spend most of there time creating and developing poisons. The manners of the Dokubutsu are usually arrogant, Prideful, loner, but calm, relaxed, and smart at the same time. They are known for there close combat skills with Taijutsu. They have a habit to take most of the damage through at them to work perfectly with there bloodline, but most simply use Veils of there own blood to do various clan jutsu and do attack the enemy with.

~Clan Set up: The Dokubutsu clan isn’t really set up at all. Most clan members do what they want and show up in different villages at birth. So, the clan really isn’t organized nor has a detailed leadership role either. So, they are basically in every hidden village.

Clan History:

~The Founding and Birth of Dokubutsu~
The Dokubutsu clan was first recorded in the Kirigakure or Kiri for short. Kiri was the birth place of the Dukobutsu clan before every village had members of this clan. Thus, being from the Land of Water, The Dokubutsu clan is mostly affiliated with the Water element. The First Dokubutsu clan member was a man by the name of Ox Dokubutsu. He was one of the first members and the direct founder of the clan. He soon began to marry and they had two sons, which of course carried the Gene to there sons. Soon, enough the Kiri had more then enough members of this clan to deal with.

~The Moving of the Members~
Members of the Dokubutsu clan began to move to other villages as to get away from there Kirigakure’s unbelievable training and graduation exam. So, the clan members were soon everywhere in the Ninja world. They would pop up in different places and soon forgot about there clan system. They soon became unable to get members together to actually create a clan again. So, the Dokubutsu clan became a clan that didn’t live together.

Kekkei Genkai Information:

The Dokubutsu clan is a Clan that has a very rare Kekkei Genkai called The Yuudoku Karada, or The Toxic Body. The Members of this clan can created various different types of Custom Poisons and Acids along with adding there blood to it. The Yuudoku Karada Kekkei Genkai is called the Toxic Body for a couple of reasons. One is that The Dokubutsu clan member’s body is basically toxic to anyone beside another member. Two is that the Dokubutsu member’s blood is extremely acidic and Poisonous to anyone who is touched by it. Then, the final point is that the Dokubutsu member’s chakra has the same effects as his blood, which gives the clan the unique release called (By them) The Acid Release. The Yuudoku Karada has two levels, which can only be gained through meditation and absorption of Acids and poisons.

~Fukanzen Yuudoku Karada [Meaning Incomplete Toxic Body]:
This is the first stage of the Yuudoku Karada. This stage is the immature state of the Yuudoku Karada Kekkei Genkai, which is highly unstable at this point. Thus, The Clan member’s body is either creating Acidic Properties within the Blood and Chakra network, or Poisonous Properties that can be used in different ways.

-Acid Blood Properties: The Clan member that has Acidic properties in their blood can use it many different ways, but the most know why is in Taijutsu. The User can easily keep veils of his Acidic blood, which the acidic level scan be controlled by the user a little, on them at all times. The blood can be thrown, crushed on, or many other things to the target. The Blood will act like an acid and eat at anything it touches. The Blood doesn’t eat away all at once though. The acid, if left on the surface, can eat through anything it touches. (The Acid starts at first degree burns and goes up every 3 posts. If not wiped away or removed.)

-Poison Blood Properties: The Clan member that has poison properties in their blood can create various poisons with it. The members that usually have this properties use various items with there blood soaking it. The Clan member still carries around veils of there blood for various uses, like for example if the poison is created to blind the target. The blood can be thrown directly into the targets eyes blinding them for a number of posts. (Each poison is ranked like a jutsu. Then, the member will have to do a training topic to make that poison. The word Count is for Custom Jutsu)

~Irounaku Yuudoku Karada [Meaning Complete Toxic Body]:
This is the fully matured stage of the Dokubutsu clan. This stage has both properties of the last stage includes some other things that go along with it. Upon, activation of the mature stage the chakra becomes very acidic ad poisonous. Thus, the Clan member must go through a 125 post training to gain control over his acidic and poisonous chakra. The poisonous and acidic chakra can be spilt from the elemental and Normal chakra of the user, but requires huge amounts chakra control. Thus, the clan member spends time training his chakra control to better use his chakra and acidic blood together as one.

Limitations/Stage increasing:
1. In the Fukanzen Yuudoku Karada Stage, if the user has acidic Property blood. The Acid blood can affect the user since his body hasn’t fully matured to the point where acids and poisons won’t effect.
2. The clan release is gained after the user gains the second stage.
3. The Second stage is gained through meditation in a room filled with Toxics that could damage any other ninja. The Meditation will unlock the next stage and keep the member from dying from the huge amount of toxic in the room.
4. The Members Acidic Blood can’t be dulled by water due to the natural affiliation between them and water.
5. The Dokbutsu members can change the Acid leves in their blood to match or even surpass known Acids.

Number Cap: 10
The Acidic Beast::S-Class
The Acidic Beast::S-Class

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Re: Dokubutsu Clan:: The Toxic Body

Post by Hei Denkou on Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:51 pm


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Hei Denkou
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