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Seeking knowlege

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Seeking knowlege

Post by Kaito on Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:48 pm

Kai was not a big fan of people or conversation so he waited till dark and would sneak into the library. He crept in through a window on the third floor, he stood in the dark wearing his anbu mask and a pitch black cloak that covered his body. He wore the hood up so all that could be seen was the white mask with its blood red stripes running down under the eyes. He had been in here many times before and knew the layout of the building by heart, this was to avoid running into the desks and massive amounts of book shelves that where alomost impossible to see in the dark. He made his way to the section that focused on summoning jutsu while making sure to avoid any security that may be around or any late night librarians.

It didnt take him long to reach the desired area, he looked around again to make sure there was no movement and pulled out a small flashlight. He was searching for a book on the summoning creature of the mist village and there locations, he was seeking to increase his power by acquiring a summoning contract. After a few moments of looking he found one that proved to be useful and pulled it from its place on the shelf, he sat down on the floor and opened the book. He flipped through the book quickly but was able to fully study and understand all that was said on each page, this was due to he training as an anbu. He quietly closed the book and rose to his feet, placing the book back where he had found it this was helpful but it was not the creature i was looking for.... a crab really doesnt suit me or my fighting style., he heard a noise and quickly shut off his light and hide close to the shelf.

Kai noticed that it was a simple security guard that was making his rounds around the building, but Kai was not finished yet and he didnt want to injure the guard unnessarily if it could be avoided. So he shifted his body around the shelves as the guard passed by all the rows, as the guard left the floor Kai worked his way back to the summonings section. He came across a book labeled Masters of the World, he opened the book to the index to see what the book contained. It was a list of all the know summonings through out the ninja nations and where most could be found aswell as the names of known users of the technique,this is what I need to get stronger. Ill start with some of the local ones and work my way outward toward the other villages, I may be able to discover a few of my own. Kai memorized some of the local creatures and placed the book back where he found it. He then quickly made his way back to the window where he had enetered and in one action he jumped from the window and as in silently closed behind him, Kai shimmered and vanished in mid-air leaving no signs that he was ever there.

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