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Shinoku Clan (WIP)

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Shinoku Clan (WIP)

Post by Clairabella on Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:12 pm

Clan Name: Shinoku

Clan Village:Rain

Clan Symbol:The Shinoku clan's symbol is a phoenix bird, it's wings spread out widely to define the clan's defense. In both clutched talons, is a kunai, both angled towards each other, indicating that the clan is ready to fight at any moment.

Kekke genkai:
Shinaka eyes

(I'll finish this bio up in a little bit)

Secret Clan Jutsus:Only the Shinoku members knew about the secret jutsus, and therefore were never told to any except the clan. So the jutsus are still held secretive.

History: The Shinoku Clan was a very organized and intelligent clan, many academy students passing and becoming a higher rank at younger ages and what not. There used to be a myth saying that there once was an enormous phoenix bird that protected the clan centuries ago. That's why their symbol is a phoenix; saying soon the phoenix will rise from its ashes one day and protect once again. The clan was governed by a group called the Ryuugo, a powerful organization that took care of the outliers and kept the clan at ease. But there used to be a very strict rule that had to be obeyed, and if not, you'd be punished. That strict rule was that only boys of the Shinoku clan were allowed to wield the clan's kekke gen kai, the Shinaka. If a woman was caught, she were to be killed by the Ryuugo in a slow, harsh death. There had never been a girl born with the Shinaka eyes, so the whole clan lived in peace for centuries. But one day, the leader of the Ryuugo clan had found out about a girl who had been born with the kekke gen kai, and was never informed till seven years later. Because of that girl, the Ryuugo had to set off and travel to the clan's destination. Once done, they set the whole village on fire, watching it fall to ashes, hoping the girl suffered in misery and the loss of her parents. Some say that no members of the clan survived, but actually, one did. Like the phoenix bird, she died (not really, people just say that to make it more dramatic), then rose from her ashes.
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