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The Kasai Clan

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The Kasai Clan

Post by Makai Kasai on Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:22 am

Clan Name: Kasai

Clan Village: Kumogakure

Clan Symbol: A person with the kanji off the five elements around them

Kekke genkai: Soshigan (Element Eye)
- Takes the shape of a light purple eye with white iris and five light blue four point stars around said Iris
- Allows control over 5 basic elements wind, water, fire, earht and lightning BUT can't control the advanced element eg crystal, wood, ice etc.
- Each level is shown by each star.

Secret Clan Jutsus:

Taijutsu: Soshiken (Element Fist) Branches
Six styles
Kazeken (Wind Fist) - Requires a level 1 Soshigan
Mizuken (Water Fist) - Requires a level 2 Soshigan
Hakiken(Fire Fist) - Requires a level 3 Soshigan
Tsuchiken (Earth Fist) - Requires a level 4 Soshigan
Raiken (LIghtning Fist) - Requires a level 5 Soshigan
Shinko Soshiken (True Element Fist) - Level 5 Soshigan and mastery of five basic elements.

Kazeken - Is a style revolving around the first level of the Soshigan to utilise the wind in its attacks.

1) Wind Cannon - A move that uses wind by bringing the wind around ones fist. When the fist connects to release that wind open impact. By compressing the wind its like hitting your opponent with a cannon ball.

2) Wind Blades - A technique that involves the feet within the Kazeken. By channeling wind chakra into your feet you pivot off your legs and kick releasing blades of wind.

3) Wind Palm - A palm thrust involving wind nature chakra for long ranged attacks. By channelling wind chakra into the palm of your hand and palming mid air you release the wind chakra. This allows you to it opponents a distance away or up range to deliver more damage.

4) Rising Wind Kick - Kicking the opponent upwards the Member of the Kasai clan will release wind chakra from their foot. Wind chakra will collide with the opponents chin to knock them further up.

5) Down casted wind - A double palm thrust to the opponents chest, back or stomach. Similar to the Palm thrust but for close range and much more devastating. But by targeting targets such as the spinal cord this technique can disable an opponent for a brief period of time.

6) Rapid Wind - A member of the Kasai clan will channel wind chakra into their arms. They will use the wind chakra as a propeller to increase the speed of their fists allowing them to rapidly strike their opponent.

7) Tornado Wind - A kasia member will channel wind chakra into their fingers to make miniature tornado\'s, Swinging their hands at their opponent the tornados will grow in side and speed towards them.

-Note- wind can be used in many other ways. These are just the 7 basic moves. A member of the Kasai clan creates his own after fully mastering these 7. So each member has their own unique techniques that only they or their children will know.

Mizuken - Is a style of Taijutsu revolving around the 2nd level of the Soshigan the water level.

1) Water whip - Using water chakra a Kasai member will channel water chakra into their arms forming whips of water around their wrists. The whips can be sued for offensive and defensive purposes. Whips can also be formed around a Kasai Member\'s ankles to make this technique more effective.

2) Water Shot - By chanelling water chakra into their fists a kasai member will punch the air and fire small water projectiles for long ranged attacks.

3) Water stream - by kicking downwards Kasia member will launch a blade of water from their foot.

4) Water scalpel - a variation to the chakra scalpels. By channeling water into their hands a Kasai member will make razor blades. These blades of water can be used to sink through their opponents body to hit their internal organs, nerves and chakra network.

- Note - this style is incredibly flexible allowing the wielder to use water in any way he or she sees feet as offensive or defensive weapon so not many moves are here. Like the Kazeken after learning these 4 the Kasai member will create his or her own.

Hakiken - A style of Taijutsu revolving around the 3rd level of the Soshigan the fire level . THis is perhaps the second most deadliest style.

1) Fire Palm - A palm thrust in mid air that launches a fire ball from casters palm for long ranged or close ranged combat

2) flame Gauntlets - By channeling fire around their hands a Kasai member will create gauntlets of flames which then are utilised as both offensive and defensive. With each hit the flames will burn the opponent

3) Downward Leg Flame - a leg based attack .By kicking downwards a kasia member will fire a large stream of flames form their foot

4) Streaming Fire - Through the use of punching a Kasai member can fire streams of flames from their fists and both close and long range.

5) Rising Flame - A technique similar to the Gokens (Strong fists) Rising Wind attack. By kicking upwards the Kasai member will unleash a large mass of flames from their foot to engulfed the opponent and burn them alive.

-note-liek the other styles this style is also flexible. Just like the others after a Kasai member elarns the 5 basic principles of these moves and master tham they must create their own variation that only they may use.

Tsuchiken - A style of Taijutsu revolving around the 4th level of the Soshigan the earth level.

note- This style has no techniques as Earth can be used in anyway from launchign stone slabs to trying to impale your target on stone spikes. With a simple stomp of the ground you can make a simple tremor to a devasting earthquake or create a fissure.

Raiken - style of Taijutsu revolving around the 5th and final level of the Shoshigan the lightning level and perhaps the most deadly of styles.

1) Lightning Shock - Every time a Kasia member hits their opponent they will send a small amount of lightning nature chakra through their body striking their internal organs to shut them down

2) Lightning Spark - Similar to Lightning shock but instead of targeting the organs the Kasai member targts their nerves and chakra system.

3) Lightning jab - a powerful jab that uses lightning chakra to covered the hands of the Kasai member to make blades.

4) Lightning Palm - By channeling lightning chakra into their palm a Kasia member will palm strike their opponent sending a large voltage of Lightning to course through their bodies to shut down their organs more quickly and damage them beyond repair.

5) 1st Lightning - A technique that involves 3 stages 1st, 2nd and final. the 1st stage is designed to slowly your opponents body down by channeling lightning chakra through out thgeir body hitting their brain making their reflects slower and throw off their judgement of distance

6) 2nd Lightning - THe 2nd stage of a 3 stage technique. This technique cuts your opponent off from their chakra supply completely disabling it rendering them nearly completely useless

7) Final Lightning - the final stage of the Raiken\'s deadliest technique. This is also the killing blow technique. This technique strikes the brain, spinal cord, heart and all toher vital organs and completely burns them to a crisp by challening a mass of lightning chakra through the opponents body after the first 2 stages.

-note- this style is similar to the other styles. These are the 7 basic moves Once mastered a Kasai member can move on to create his or her own and create a technique stronger than final lightning.


The Kasai clan was formed when multiple Shinobi noticed they could use Advanced Elements. Over the years as they inter bred mixing the elements together one child was born different than the rest. Unlike the others he couldn\'t wield the Advanced elements but could use all five Basic elements through the user of his eyes. He later became its head he was Shin Kasai. He was also the very first Scythe user within the clan.

(Feel free to Join if this gets approved)

Makai Kasai

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Re: The Kasai Clan

Post by Hei Denkou on Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:40 am

hmmm..Dont really want a clan to have 5 elements..really only a Rinnegan user should have that Disapproved sorry

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