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Sasuke's Jutsus

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Sasuke's Jutsus

Post by Sasuke Uchiha on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:32 am

Taijutsu: He got alot of taijutsu skills so I wont post all but some of them is Lions barrage and shadow of the dancing leaf(not sure if thats the exact name)

Genjutsu: Well he got the same as Itachi but I will post them anyways. Amaterasu or black flames. A jutsu that makes black flames that can not be extinguished unless they destroy there target. Sasuke also has the power to form the flames.(maybe this should be under ninjutsu).
Tsyukonami(not sure how to spell it) A jutsu that traps the target for 2 seconds(or something like that maybe its minuttes) but for the target it feels for 48 hours. The maker of the jutsu got the control and can do anything to the target when he has caught it.
Susanoo: A jutsu that makes a skeleton it can also get flesh and armor and it has a sword that can absorb what it touches.

Ninjutsu. Mostly chidori and different forms of Chidori for example nagashi the one he forms throught things. But he has also copied some other jutsus.

Weapon taijutsu: Well he got he's Kusanagi and he is very good at using it he can even send the chidori nagashi throught a sword and I think he got some taijutsu moves with it too.

Edit: And then the two I made up myself that I hope you will accept. Well since Orochimaru is not around Sasuke is kind of leader of Sound so he made up a defence for himself thought it is not a shield or something its a summoning jutsu that summons sound ninja he can summon one or more of them and then he can also summon the hawk. The way its work in battle is when I summon hawk I will control Suigetsu Karin and Jugo and since I am the leader of Hawk they will obey me and if someone on the site makes any of the three hawk members I will talk it over with them and see if they agrees one of my two options. If you wanna know the options here they are.

1: I summon them and the fight is kinda paused then if they see the topic they will go write that they gets summoned and then the rp will continue.

2: I summon and controls there character throught that topic and of course they can be in another topic too.
Sasuke Uchiha
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Rouge Nin Class E

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Re: Sasuke's Jutsus

Post by Hei Denkou on Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:29 pm

NOT APPROVED you cant control the other chars it will be a God mod nor is Sasuke the leader of the sound

Reaper Blade

Hei Denkou
The Black Reaper:: Raikage
The Black Reaper:: Raikage

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